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Beat Winter Boredom!

Winter can be a stressful and challenging time for dog owners. With bitter morning winds, gloomy afternoons, and frost-covered yards, winter is hardly ideal for […]

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Keep Your Dogs Safe This Holiday Season

Keeping your dogs safe during the holiday season can be “ruff.” There’s a big tree inside your home, lots of shiny ornaments, wrapped gifts and […]

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Loose-Leash Walking

Whether you have a dog that lives indoors or outdoors, a daily walk on a leash is crucial. It not only provides exercise for your […]

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Chewing is a natural and healthy behavior for dogs. However, it can be quite frustrating, and expensive when Fido decides to chew your shoes, remote, […]

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Pet Me Now!

Dogs are highly social animals (like us), thus they love attention (again, like us). However, the way they ask for attention can be quite painful, […]

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Potty Training Your Dog

Did you know that 96 percent of the time, when a dog is re-homed or surrendered to a shelter, it is due to potty training […]

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