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Paw & Order


by Dara Rogers CPDT-KA

In the animal justice system, cruelty based offenses are considered especially heinous. In Central Louisiana, the dedicated trainer who brings awareness to these vicious felonies is Dara Rogers CPDT-KA; she is a member of an elite squad known as Bons Chiens Dog Training. These are her stories, tips, and good council; this is Paw & Order. 

Parental Responsibility

Being a pet parent is a big responsibility; dogs depend on us and the care we provide. Learn about all of the things your dog requires in life and by law.

Laws & Ordinances

Browse our database of official documentation for all parish, city, and state codes, laws, and ordinances.

General Safety

Fetch professional tips on how to quickly and efficiently maintain general pet safety in your home.

Good Council

Read interviews with licensed attorneys, city & parish officials, and animal service officers, geared to bring words of wisdom to all pet parents in need.