Britney Blanchette Pitre CPDT-KA

Britney Blanchette Pitre CPDT-KA, Owner & Operator of Bons Chiens Dog Training, is native of Lake Charles, La and has been providing the community with the best pet training for better behavior for over a decade. Starting out on the sales floors of PetsMart and PetCo, Britney attended McNeese State University with a concentration in Applied Behavior Analysis. After years of honing her skills she decided to leave the box stores and get more one on one with the locals, and opened Bons Chiens Dog Training in 2011. Dedicated to her craft and level of service, Britney has made it her mission to be more than just a dog trainer, but also activist for dog rights and pet accommodations. Britney says, “I feel like it is my duty in life to help others build a better relationship with their pets.” Having held office as vice president of the humane society, residing as an advisor for animal services appeals, and mentor for Animal Behavioral College, Britney has committed to her role as business woman and trainer to bettering the community by helping us better understand each other through our relationships with our pets. Britney, within the last year, opened a training facility on Hodges Street in Lake Charles, offering group training classes, potty training seminars, puppy socials, scent games, nutrition courses, much more in addition to her current in-home services. Britney is also the author of a monthly column which tackles common issues dogs and dog owners face on a day to day basis in the Lake Area’s regional publication, The Jambalaya News, entitled “It’s a Ruff Life”. Growing rapidly and constantly continuing her education, Britney hopes to see the positivity people have about pets continue to grow.

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