Classes & Seminars

Bons Chiens University’s (Dog Training) classes offer you the BEST dog training for BETTER behavior! Using only positive reinforcement techniques in a real-world environment, we are dedicated to helping pet parents understand canine behavior, learning theory and problem solving to aid in building stronger relationships with their pets.

In-Home Private Dog Training

In-home private dog training is provided within the comfort of your own home. You’ll receive four sessions that each last approximately one hour. Training is tailored to you, and your dog’s specific needs. We use only the most modern science-based training methods, and equipment without ever using any type of old-school methods of punishment that induce fear, and/or pain. #TrainWithoutPain is our motto!

Group Classes on Campus

Our Puppy and Basic Group Classes meet for an hour each week, at the same time and day each week. Classes are $155/dog for the full 6-week course. Discounts are available for shelter and veterinary and grooming staff.

Seminars & Specialty Courses

Potty Training seminars are approximately one hour in length. We will teach you the most effective ways to potty train your dog, no matter what age your dog is. No more rolled up newspapers, spray bottles, or punishing them when it’s too late. In just one hour you’ll have all the tools you need to eliminate elimination in your home! $15/person. (Pets are not required to attend class.) Enroll Here!

Yappy Hours are approx. 45mins long, for dogs who are 6 months and older, and are friendly to other dogs/people with no bite history or aggressive behavior, and up to date on current vaccinations. Shock collars, choke chains, prong collars, slip leads and retractable leashes are NOT allowed at Yappy Hour, nor are they allowed at any other classes or functions. Yappy Hour is $15/dog. Enroll Here!

Puppy Socials last approx. 45 mins and are designed for puppies 8 weeks – 5 months who are up to date on required vaccinations from a licensed veterinarian. This is good puppy play and socialization time, and for your puppy to burn off some excess energy! Puppy Social is $15/puppy. Enroll Here!

Aggression/Anxiety Rehabilitation: Private training only. Aggression/Anxiety rehabilitation lessons are for dogs who do not feel comfortable in a variety of situations. When rehabilitating dogs we focus on making sure the dog is comfortable, and moving at her own pace. NO physical punishment is allowed, for those tactics only increase aggressive, and/or anxious behavior. Enroll Here!

Scent Games are classes designed to help strengthen your dog’s problem-solving skills. A dog sees with their nose like we see with our eyes. Teaching dogs to discriminate between different scents is super fun for both you, and your dog. Enroll Here!

Walking your dog not only provides exercise for your dog, but it also helps with bonding and problem behaviors. These one-hour seminars focus solely on teaching you how to teach your dog to walk nicely on a leash without the use of harsh corrections, choke chains, pinch/prong collars, and/or shock collars. $15/dog. Enroll Here!

These hour-long seminars will cover basic nutrition, and handling skills. We discuss the difference in dog foods, and treats. We also cover handling skills to ensure your dog is always happy, and comfortable when visiting the veterinarian, and/or groomer. We work on desensitization, and counter conditioning with tasks such as nail trimming, tooth brushing, and bathing. $15/person. (Pets are not required to attend class.) Enroll Here!

AKC Canine Good Citizen Prep Course: The AKC CGC Prep Course is a great first step for therapy dog work, bringing you and your dog closer together, and/or strengthening your dog’s ability to listen despite distraction. We focus on the ten test items provided by the AKC. Learn more about the AKC Canine Good Citizen Prep Course here! Enroll Here!

Trick Classes are a GREAT way to strengthen the bond between you, and your dog! Have a ton of fun while stimulating your dog mentally, and physically. You, and your dog will learn a variety of conventional, and advanced-level tricks, from rolling over to grabbing their leash and bringing it to you! Enroll Here!

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