by Susan Young

Does your dog like one food over another, perform a ritual before doing their business, or seem to become a different dog around other dogs? Well Dog LogIQ is here to help you understand why. Check out great articles, tips, and tricks by Bons Chiens Dog Trainer, Susan Young. Dog LogIQ will not only give you deep background on how humans and dogs have become the unique animal odd couple that we are today, but also provide keen insight into the why our dogs act the way they do by better understanding how their bodies work.


Learn all about how dogs communicate with us and each other using a variety of physical features.

Health & Welfare

Locate great tips on how to keep your dog well cared for to ensure they are always well mannered.


Get the full scoop on what you scoop into your fur kids bowls every day.


Over 20,000 years of partnership and love, find out more about the history behind man’s best friend.

Tricks for Treats

Tricks for Treats DISCLAIMER: Special consideration should be taken if your dog has allergies or is on a limited ingredient or prescription diet. Please consult

Lip Smacking Good, Or Is It?

Lip Smacking Good! Or Is It? Dogs are our closest companions. They lie next to us when we’re ill, make us laugh on a daily

Secrets Behind the Sniff

Have you ever wondered why dogs sniff each other’s behinds? Or even your own behind? It may seem gross to you, but there are actually

Are Prong Collars Humane?

As a reward based dog trainer, I do my best to ascribe to the most humane and up to date training philosophies and techniques. I

Heard That!

DID YOU KNOW? A dog has 18 or more muscles in each ear, compared to a person, who only has 6. This means dogs can