What is "Bons Chiens"?

“Bons Chiens” is French for “good dogs”— and when it comes to dog training and well-behaved canines, Bons Chiens University is your guide. At Bons Chiens we believe there is no such thing as a bad dog.

After studying Psychology with a concentration in Applied Behavioral Analysis at McNeese State University, Britney Pitre worked at PetSmart for more than seven years and worked as a dog trainer for 3.5 years while there. In 2009, she became head dog trainer at PETCO, and the following year, she launched her own private dog-training business, and it didn’t take long for it to take off. By February 2011, Bons Chiens Dog Training was a hometown company with a homegrown name.

Pitre is now the only certified professional dog trainer in Southwest Louisiana, and one of only seven in the state. She offers private training within the comfort of her clients’ homes, and private training in her Lake Charles facility alongside a wide variety of group training classes. Having studied psychology at McNeese, her motto is “Train Without Pain.” She is the only 100 percent force-free and science-based trainer with a local facility in SWLA.

Growing rapidly Bons Chiens celebrated their 5th Anniversary in 2016 by expanding to two new locations! Welcoming to the team, two wonderful trainers, Susan Young BCDT covering Southeast Texas and Dara Rogers CPDT-KA in Central Louisiana, Bons Chiens University has set its sights on bringing force free training to the all of South Louisiana and Southeast Texas.

Why Choose Bons Chiens?

The methods used by Bon Chiens Dog Training, LLC are based on various principles anchored in Psychology, Applied Behavioral Analysis, and extensive real life observations.

Rather than just using “Textbook Behavioral Methods” which some trainers rely on, we specialize in a blended approach which trains both you and your pet. At Bons Chiens University we pride ourselves on building better relationships, and creating stronger bonds between you, your pet, and your entire family.

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