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a Ruff Life

a Ruff Life

by Britney Blanchette Pitre CPDT-KA

“a Ruff Life” is an editorial created and written by Britney Blanchette Pitre CPDT-KA. Appearing in one of Southwest Louisiana’s favorite publications, The Jambalaya News, “a Ruff Life” aims to educate pet parents from the perspective of their fur kids. Covering a wide range of topics from behavior to body language and myth busting, “a Ruff Life” is must read for every pet parent with dogs of any age.

Behavior & Psychology

Dig into the science behind the method to madness, and see why force-free is the best way to be.

Problem Solving

Nip those little problem behaviors in the bud before something as simple as a nip becomes a hospital trip.

Body Language

Can’t tell if that tail wag is bad? Find out all about what your dog is really saying, and learn to speak doggy.

Myth Busting

Who says an old dog can’t learn new tricks? Throw out what you think you know and hear it from a Pro!