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Tricks for Treats

Tricks for Treats DISCLAIMER: Special consideration should be taken if your dog has allergies or is on a limited ingredient or prescription diet. Please consult […]

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Lip Smacking Good, Or Is It?

Lip Smacking Good! Or Is It? Dogs are our closest companions. They lie next to us when we’re ill, make us laugh on a daily […]

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Secrets Behind the Sniff

Have you ever wondered why dogs sniff each other’s behinds? Or even your own behind? It may seem gross to you, but there are actually […]

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Are Prong Collars Humane?

As a reward based dog trainer, I do my best to ascribe to the most humane and up to date training philosophies and techniques. I […]

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Heard That!

DID YOU KNOW? A dog has 18 or more muscles in each ear, compared to a person, who only has 6. This means dogs can […]

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